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The Surprising Fact In regards to the International Depopulation Agenda

Within the interview above, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Mary Holland, president and chief authorized counsel for Youngsters’s Well being Protection, talk about their new documentary movie, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda,” which we revealed yesterday. When you missed it, you’ll be able to watch it right here.

“Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda” is Wakefield’s fourth movie. The primary was “Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis?” adopted by “Vaxxed” and “1986: The Act.” This newest movie particulars the World Well being Group’s intentions to supply an anti-fertility vaccine in response to perceived overpopulation, and the way such vaccines have been used with out individuals’s information or consent because the mid-’90s.

“It is an important story, and it is a story that I would been conscious of for some years,” Wakefield says. “I believe lots of people heard about this intentional infertility vaccine program being carried out, primarily in girls in growing nations akin to Africa. Nevertheless it had gone into abeyance so I hadn’t paid due consideration.

I ought to have paid extra consideration to it, as a result of individuals had requested me through the years, ‘Do you assume there’s a inhabitants management agenda?’ …

The allegation had been that the World Well being Group, underneath the guise of a neonatal tetanus prevention program, had been intentionally sterilizing girls [in Kenya] — both utilizing a vaccine to abort current pregnancies or to stop future pregnancies. They’d completed this underneath the guise of defending youngsters slightly than really decreasing the inhabitants.”

As defined by Wakefield, it was no secret that the WHO had been engaged on an anti-fertility vaccine because the Nineteen Seventies.1 Papers have been revealed, and the WHO itself even admitted it. The true subject right here is that of knowledgeable consent. The WHO has been caught greater than as soon as intentionally deceiving girls into pondering they have been vaccinated towards tetanus, when in reality they have been being sterilized. That is an moral and ethical low that’s onerous to beat.

Covert Sterilization Marketing campaign within the Philippines Revealed

The story detailed on this movie begins in 1995, when the Kenyan authorities launched a WHO vaccination marketing campaign towards tetanus amongst girls of childbearing age. Dr. Stephen Okay. Karanja, former chairman of the Kenya Catholic Docs Affiliation, turned suspicious of this system when he realized that involuntary sterilization applications posing as tetanus applications had occurred.

That very same 12 months, 1995, the Catholic Ladies’s League of the Philippines really gained a courtroom order halting a UNICEF tetanus program that was utilizing tetanus vaccine laced with hCG. Anti-hCG-laced vaccines had additionally been present in a minimum of 4 different nations.

This anti-hCG-laced tetanus vaccine completely matched the anti-fertility vaccine the WHO had introduced in 1993. The paper path reveals that by 1976, WHO researchers had efficiently conjugated, which means mixed or hooked up, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) onto tetanus toxoid, used within the tetanus vaccine. Because of this, when given to a girl, she develops antibodies towards each tetanus and hCG.

HCG is a hormone that’s produced as quickly because the sperm enters the egg and the embryo begins to type. In response to this sign, the girl’s ovaries then produce progesterone, which maintains the being pregnant to time period. The conjugated vaccine successfully ends and prevents being pregnant as her personal immune system will instantly assault and destroy the hCG as quickly because it types.

On the time, Karanja, who handed away in 2021, satisfied leaders of the Catholic Church — one of many largest well being care suppliers in Kenya — to check the tetanus vaccine being given, to verify there was no foul play. With out clarification, the WHO deserted the 1995 marketing campaign, however in 2014, they have been again with a neonatal tetanus program.

A Diabolical Agenda

Women and girls, 15 to 49 years of age, have been instructed to get vaccinated with a sequence of 5 injections, six months aside. Suspiciously, that is the precise schedule required for the anti-fertility vaccine to supply sterility. Common tetanus prevention requires just one injection each 5 to 10 years, and underneath no circumstance would you want 5 of them.

The Catholic Church determined to check the vaccines and picked up three pattern vials immediately from clinics throughout the 2014 marketing campaign. The samples have been examined by three unbiased laboratories and, as feared, they contained hCG. One other six vials have been then collected and examined. This time, half have been discovered to include hCG.

When the Catholic Church went public with the findings, urging women and girls to not adjust to the vaccination marketing campaign, the Kenyan authorities went on the defensive, insisting there was nothing improper with the vaccine. Wakefield says:

“They used the media to demonize the Catholic Church and insinuate there had been deliberate contamination of those samples with hCG to supply the consequence they needed.

That is the place it remained till — and that is the place it will get actually fascinating and the place the movie actually comes into its personal — our cameras have been invited again into the laboratory the place these exams have been completed … [and] the reality was revealed.

It got here all the way down to a decision of this key query of who was mendacity and who was being trustworthy? Who was dishonest, who was not? It is actually a unprecedented story that woke me as much as the significance of this subject. There’s a unprecedented prophetic assertion on the finish from the late Dr. Karanja, OBGYN from Africa. who was on the coronary heart of all of this.

He mentioned, ‘When they’re completed with Africa they’re coming for you’ … That is in all probability a pertinent place handy over to Mary, as a result of by no means may a prophecy have been extra apt, extra true.”

Depopulation Agenda Is Now a Conspiracy Truth

Holland continues:

“It has been very onerous to reply … when individuals would ask us, ‘Is there a depopulation agenda?’ Individuals would level to issues Invoice Gates mentioned, like how vaccines would scale back the inhabitants. There was an interpretation that it was going to make individuals more healthy, and subsequently they’d select to not have extra youngsters.

It was murky. I believe this movie actually helps us perceive that this isn’t a conspiracy idea. It is an absolute actuality … The movie makes that 100% clear. There’s simply no query about it. And also you see the deceit and deception. Simply to level out, the Rome statute for the Worldwide Legal Court docket that almost all nations of the world have signed onto … makes compelled sterilization a struggle crime.

This isn’t a trivial factor, to deprive individuals of knowledgeable consent and to sterilize them. That is precisely what occurred. One of many interviews within the movie that’s so poignant is of a girl who can’t carry a being pregnant to time period. She comes to appreciate that she has antibodies to hCG, and she or he realizes that any individual, someplace, made her infertile. It’s, as she calls it, a diabolical agenda …

We are able to now look again at what occurred with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, which I co-wrote a guide about in 2018. One of many issues we noticed was that … the teenager being pregnant price dropped 50% from 2007 to 2018 — 50%! Now, no matter one desires to consider unplanned pregnancies, that could be a staggering drop over 10 years.

Individuals have been reporting excessive reproductive results from the HPV vaccine. Now we’re listening to the identical factor, solely rather more so, with respect to COVID photographs. We’re listening to that ladies are having miscarriages, infants are actually dying from breastfeeding moms who’ve been lately vaccinated.

Congenital deformities are being reported to the vaccine hostile occasion reporting system (VAERS). It is now, I believe, past the realm of conspiracy idea to say it is extremely believable that these vaccines which might be being pushed on the world — significantly the COVID photographs — have sturdy anti-fertility results.”

Is There Such a Factor as Vaccine Security?

It is essential to appreciate that no research has ever confirmed that any of the vaccines on the childhood vaccination schedule are secure, particularly when given in numerous mixtures. As famous by Wakefield, vaccine producers and folks like Dr. Anthony Fauci current “an virtually kindergarten-like method” to security.

The blanket assertion given is that vaccines normally, and the COVID photographs particularly, are “secure and efficient,” and that they don’t have any hostile results on copy and fertility. This, regardless of the very fact they’ve completed no reproductive research in any respect.

Ladies who hear such assurances will assume the required research HAVE been completed when, in reality, that is a whole lie. The truth is, you can’t discover proof of hurt for those who’re not in search of it. One other actuality is that assumptions and guesses about science should not the identical as scientific proof. One main assumption that has now turned out to be fully improper is that the mRNA injection stays within the deltoid muscle, the positioning of injection.

“Nobody has ever sought to find out whether or not they stay on the web site of injection or not, or whether or not they disseminate all through the physique, which after all they do,” Wakefield says. “So, it is a naive and fully inappropriate assumption.

The opposite assumption that was fully inappropriate was making any assumption in any respect. You are going to give this [shot] to seven billion individuals … and you are going to assume one thing about its security? You then uncover, after giving it to nearly all of that seven billion inhabitants, that you simply have been fully improper.

In reality, it goes all through the physique. The spike protein will be present in tissues all through the physique, together with and particularly within the ovaries. There it might probably arrange an inflammatory response, autoimmunity, harm and infertility. There is no such thing as a query that’s biologically believable.

So right here you may have the mentality of those individuals, that after the horse has bolted, they’re attempting to close the gate. If there’s going to be harm, then the harm is completed and it’s too late. That’s completely irresponsible and folks have to know that.”

Wakefield additional factors out that no scientific trial for any of the vaccines on the childhood vaccination schedule has ever been examined towards a real placebo. All have used lively placebos, akin to an aluminum injection or one other vaccine, which successfully hides many of the hostile results.

Apparently, in a few of the COVID jab trials, they really used a totally inert placebo (though some vaccine makers used one other vaccine). However then notice what occurred. Earlier than the trial was over, they unblinded everybody and supplied the jab to everybody within the placebo group, successfully eradicating the management group altogether! Then, they tried to bury the info underneath crimson tape for 75 years. Fortunately, a wise choose did not allow them to get away with it. Wakefield says:

“They [Pfizer] knew there have been issues. They’d recognized the issues doing the suitable research, a minimum of to start out with, till they gave the crossover group the vaccine. Then they tried to cover the info as a result of they knew it revealed the seriousness of the hostile reactions to their vaccine. The courtroom overruled them and now these knowledge are being analyzed, and they’re terrifying.”

Gorgeous Abdication of Science

What’s worse, authorities has incentivized ignorance underneath the regulation. They’ve incentivized not figuring out what the long-term results are. Holland provides:

“What’s significantly gorgeous, by way of absolutely the abdication from science, is that the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention has mentioned it is completely tremendous to co-administer the COVID photographs with all the things else on the childhood schedule. That’s going to have untold horrific possible results …

Most pediatricians will say ‘Hey, the CDC says it is tremendous’ … They’re going to be co-administering these photographs with different issues, and there’s no science to again that up. None.”

Sadly, the long run appears grim on this regard, because the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration is now contemplating a “Future Framework” wherein vaccine makers shall be allowed to reformulate and launch future COVID photographs with none extra testing. Medical trials are straightforward to rig to start with, however now they will not even need to undergo the difficulty of fabricating desired outcomes.

“And, after all there shall be dangerous results on fertility,” Holland says. “I believe it is turning into very clear that we simply need to reject all of this. It’s corrupted to its core. It is anti-human, I imply it is really anti-human. I believe the fact that we’re in is turning into clearer.”

A Hopeful Word

Wakefield provides:

“To follow-up on that, a notice of hope … Individuals coming to this anew might imagine that we’re in a really darkish time. I see it in another way, having been on this now for 30 years. After I began out, a handful of individuals around the globe have been ready to debate the thorny subject of vaccine security.

Now I learn the opposite day that 70% of American adults have rejected the CDC’s really useful protocol for the COVID vaccine. They both did not get the primary dose, they did not get the second dose, or they’ve refused to get the boosters, saying that is neither vital neither is it secure.

These individuals — 70% of American adults — in response to mainstream media are anti-vaxxers. So, whether or not they understand it or not, they’ve joined our group and the opposite facet has misplaced.

This can be a determined, determined measure; one hail Mary cross after one other, and it is failing very, very badly. For these of you who haven’t seen it from an historic perspective, take coronary heart, as a result of the world actually is waking up in a unprecedented approach …

The silver lining of the darkish cloud of COVID is that it has woken so many individuals … There’s an inevitability to what’s occurring right here, and they won’t get away with it for very for much longer.”

We have Allowed the Creation of an Anti-Human World

As for many who insist they don’t have any objections to childhood vaccines, solely the COVID jab, Wakefield warns nearly each vaccine security advocate started by objecting to a single vaccine or single ingredient earlier than realizing it is not that straightforward:

“All of us got here to the collective realization that this was much more advanced than we had beforehand imagined. They have been making it increasingly more advanced by the 12 months, including extra vaccines into the schedule, lumping all of them collectively. As Mary mentioned, the thought of those vaccines being secure together was one they’d by no means examined however merely assumed to be secure …

We got here to the belief that it’s some cumulative toxicity, some interactive impact, some potentiation that’s resulting in this huge improve in, for instance, neurodevelopmental or immunological problems.

Had we been allowed to proceed the analysis, any of us, all of us, we might have solutions now. However we do not have solutions as a result of the work was sabotaged at each flip, and now we live in a state of better ignorance than we have been earlier than.

We’re now residing in a world of artificial ailments. It is completely staggering. None of this want ever have occurred, and but right here we’re with all of those new situations or new variants on an outdated theme, like regressive autism, that we didn’t see earlier than. That’s one thing that man has created.

Simply as simply man may do away with it if we took the initiative. That is what, collectively, we now have to do, and that is what Youngsters’s Well being Protection is doing. They’re alerting individuals to this, waking them up, and it is working.”

Along with studying concerning the risks of vaccines, persons are additionally beginning to be taught extra about different environmental toxins — pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), air air pollution, water air pollution, synthetic meals, hormone-mimicking plastic chemical substances and extra, all of which have hostile results on well being and reproductive capability.

“I believe most people need to reside in a pro-human atmosphere,” Holland says. “And I believe the company authorities world we’re in proper now’s genuinely anti-human.”

The Scale of Hurt Is Staggering

Whereas VAERS is the one publicly accessible database accumulating hostile vaccine reactions, the U.S. authorities has a minimum of 10 different hostile occasion reporting methods that they are not sharing knowledge from.

Youngsters’s Well being Protection is submitting Freedom of Data Act (FOIA) requests for the opposite methods to get a greater concept of the size of harms, however VAERS and anecdotal stories alone recommend the size of accidents and deaths is big. Knowledge from insurance coverage firms around the globe additionally affirm this. Holland notes:

“In 2021, from one life insurance coverage firm in the US, an Indiana firm, we all know that 18 to 64 12 months olds undergo a 40% extra dying price. They mentioned a ten% shift could be a 1 in 200-year incidence. A 40% shift is past catastrophic, and that is what we’re taking a look at. These are secrets and techniques that may’t be hidden.”

Panafrican Congress Is Pushing Again

One other piece of constructive information is {that a} Panafrican Congress that was lately convened is beginning to push again towards the WHO. And, if the WHO have been to be banned from a continent like Africa, it might be sport over for them. Holland explains:

“The WHO is following a two-track course to get to what they are saying, in 2024, shall be a brand new worldwide treaty, which principally will put the WHO on the heart of world well being and governance de facto. One monitor was by U.S.-proposed worldwide well being rules.

The U.S. proposed 12 rules in December 2021 that will put the WHO on the heart of these items and put in place very draconian rules that will enable the WHO to supersede any selections on the nationwide authorities stage. In a vote on these new worldwide well being regulation amendments, 47 African nations rejected all of them.

Africa actually led the way in which in saying ‘No, we do not belief the WHO, we do not need the WHO on this position.’ That is very thrilling as a result of Africa completely has been exploited in each which approach by the WHO and their pharmaceutical business companions. I do not assume the WHO agenda is lifeless. We nonetheless have loads of work to do.

However clearly, we did have on Saturday an African sovereignty coalition launch, which you’ll see on the Youngsters’s Well being Protection TV web site. There have been activists, advocates, physicians, scientists from throughout Africa, after which supporters from around the globe. It’s totally thrilling. I believe Africa is sending a message loud and clear we won’t put up with this …

We’ll take it someday at a time, however I imagine the WHO and its backers will fail, and definitely many individuals around the globe, Youngsters’s Well being Protection included, are engaged on lawsuits to show there’s fraud happening right here, that is prison exercise. Actually, the authorization for [young] youngsters [is a criminal act].

We’ll amend the lawsuit we now have, which is to contest the jabs for five to 11-year-olds that the FDA licensed. We’ll simply amend that for these youthful youngsters. That is devastating, it is a crime towards humanity. There is no such thing as a justification for younger youngsters getting these photographs. They aren’t vulnerable to critical damage or dying from COVID, however they actually are in danger from these photographs.”

Can the Judicial System Be Trusted?

Talking of lawsuits, many authorized actions over the previous two years have failed, however Holland, who’s the chief authorized counsel for Youngsters’s Well being Protection, is optimistic, as a result of courts are inclined to shift with public opinion. She’s seen courts have gotten more and more receptive to the notion that there could also be fraud happening with the COVID jabs, and that conflicts of curiosity play a job.

For instance, two judges in New York who have been assigned to instances she was representing have been lately compelled to recuse themselves, after it turned recognized they owned between $50,000 and $500,000 in Pfizer inventory.

“I believe we’re prone to see many extra profitable lawsuits going ahead within the subsequent two years than within the final two years,” she says. “I believe the inhabitants is coming to grasp that there are conflicts of curiosity that forestall these individuals from being unbiased.

I believe it is a query of time, and I believe we’re in a race towards time, however I do imagine that lawsuits are prone to be extra profitable as time goes on and I believe we’re already seeing that. We struck down the OSHA mandate, we struck down the masks mandates in airline transportation, we acquired entry to the Pfizer paperwork. I believe there’s extra excellent news coming from the courts, I actually do.”

The house run, judicially talking, could be if we may show vaccine makers dedicated fraud or “willful misconduct,” as that will get rid of all of their protections towards prosecution and legal responsibility. The COVID jabs are licensed for emergency use underneath the 2005 PREP Act — which Holland believes is unconstitutional — and underneath that regulation, willful misconduct have to be confirmed by “clear and convincing proof.”

“I imagine that at this level we’re getting very, very near that threshold the place we will show willful misconduct by clear and convincing proof,” she says.

“At that time, I believe will probably be clear to the entire inhabitants that it is the legal responsibility safety on the again finish and the mandates on the entrance finish that makes this complete enterprise doable. I believe there are critical assaults on each of these, and by the point the entire fact comes out, the entire vaccine paradigm disappears.

I believe it is in our sights, I actually do. I believe the well being of the unvaccinated is overwhelmingly superior to the well being of the vaccinated, and that story’s popping out. Youngsters’s Well being Protection is popping out with a guide this fall by Dr. Brian Hooker and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., concerning the science displaying how a lot more healthy unvaccinated persons are.

I believe the reality is popping out, and I believe the stakes are very excessive for the subsequent couple years. However I actually do imagine that on the finish of those couple years we shall be in a complete new paradigm of vaccines and well being. Individuals have seen sufficient concerning the dangerous facet of COVID photographs that they’re now open to this. I believe we’re prone to see a sea change.”

In closing, for those who did not watch the movie yesterday, put aside half-hour to do it now. And, remember to watch all of it the way in which to the tip. The ultimate 10 minutes embrace an replace on the Kenya story, a overview of what occurred with the HPV vaccine, and an outline of what we all know concerning the COVID photographs’ potential impacts on fertility. It is essential to appreciate that this depopulation agenda did not start and finish in Kenya. It is occurring worldwide.

Extra Films Are Coming

Wakefield’s fifth movie is already in preproduction and needs to be prepared for launch subsequent 12 months. This one shall be a full-length narrative function concerning the childhood vaccination schedule. It was co-written by Terry Rossio, who additionally wrote “Shrek,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Aladdin” and different well-known film productions. 

“It is a very highly effective movie, it’ll actually transfer the mindset,” Wakefield says. “It should take those that have been awoken by the difficulty of COVID vaccines throughout the bridge from the grownup vaccine schedule to the belief that this has been occurring within the childhood vaccine schedule because the very starting. It is a very, crucial movie.”

Youngsters’s Well being Protection can even be popping out with a movie model of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s guide, “The Actual Anthony Fauci.” That shall be popping out later this 12 months for which I used to be interviewed.



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